Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mission Splits in Reno

Thank you for the package it was just what I needed!  First selfie picture I took with my awesome camera. :) 

On Monday we went over to a member's house for a BBQ, we watched "Meet the Mormons" movie, I fell asleep on their couch (surprise, surprise). :) We saw a guy with a gun and it made us panic a little, but it was fine. 

We had district meeting on Tuesday and then we had KFC that a member brought us.

Wednesday was a normal mission day:)

On Thursday we had interviews with our new mission president.  We went to the Hospital because one of the recent converts thought she was going into labor, she didn't. :) But while we were in the waiting room we met some members of the church that are less active so we visited with them. :) That night we went on exchanges.  I went to Reno with Sister Braithwaite (he is one of the STLs and she is amazing) and Sister Barker stayed in Carson with a different Sister Missionary.  I had a blast in Reno. :)

I was still in Reno on Friday and a lot of adventures happened! :) First we met with and had a few great lessons with members that have been less active for awhile. Then we got into a minor car accident. We were pulling into a parking lot and this guy was backing out of his spot but he was not paying attention and hit us.  It was only a few scratches but we still had to go to the Mission office and report it since it is a mission car. :)

We went up to Tahoe for a picnic on Saturday and it was cool to be by the Lake again (it wasn't the same area I served like Incline but it was still Tahoe).

Sunday was church, lunch, teaching people, dinner, bed. :)

So for the past few weeks there is an old missionary that has been staying with us.  She used to serve in Carson and Tahoe.  We have taught a lot of the same people so that has been awesome to ask her about Tahoe and everything because she recently went to go visit, I think it was last week and then she went back yesterday as well.  She is like my ears and eyes back in Tahoe. ;) Her name is Sister Xonthe (pronounced Chantay). She was actually companions at one time with Sister Cordle (I miss Sister Cordle so much).

I love you all so much!  Hermana Friend 

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  1. Taylor you look so happy...which makes me happy for you.just found outa bout your blog love ittt..