Monday, December 28, 2015

Working Through Challenges

We volunteer in a thrift store and we always
have the most random adventures 
I want to apologize for not writing as much, Fall was a tough one for sure, I didn't know what to do because I felt like I was alone.  But that is when I learned the most that I was never alone, Heavenly Father was always there and I was going through that trial for a reason.  I changed for the better in those last transfers.  Then I got to Fallon and my life changed for the better.  I believe Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for each one of us.  The way everything worked out just amazes me.  

Our zone on Christmas morning 
Anyways, with my stomach thing, I am not sure if it is an ulcer but my stomach really hurts.  It has been this way the last month.  I eat, it hurts. I don't eat, it hurts.  Lately, like the last few days it feels like it has been getting worse.  I had a blessing and it said to follow the promptings of what you feel like you should do.  But everything will be ok. 

Love Always Your Taylor


One of our ward members we got to visit in the hospital.
This random dog that always likes to tackle us as we walk up to the door so I decided to show it whose plan kind of back fired!:) 
No need to look in the rear view mirror when your future is as bright as your faith!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Tree Lighting in Fallon

Sorry I didn't really write anything for the past few weeks, I had to finish my BYU-Idaho application. But it is in. I am not sure when I will hear, maybe in Feb or March.  Well what has been going on in my life?  When I first got in Fallon I saw two shooting stars. The area of Fallon is great.  One of our investigators shared a scripture out of the Book of Mormon in our class.  He isn't even baptized yet and he was sharing a scripture in class!  I was sick all week, I threw up twice in two peoples yards when we were out tracting, KFC, never again, it was bad! 

We went to the Christmas tree lighting in Fallon.  There were a lot of fireworks and snow.  We have two fake trees in our house.  I got a cool Fallon Sweatshirt from a member.  We went to a Christmas musical.  We went to the hospital for one of our ward member's baby, the power of the priesthood is real.
I can't believe I have been out a year! :)  Merry Christmas  Sister Friend :)


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Here I am in Fallon!  My companion and I had a service project where we helped send out wedding invitations.
The rest of the pictures are from Thanksgiving.  We had Thanksgiving with a family we are teaching.  This is the Thanksgiving gratitude turkey we made.  


Monday, November 16, 2015

Applying for School

Sorry I don't have much time I am applying for school.  My application is almost done, so here goes hahah.  Love Taylor

Adventures in Fallon

from our District Meeting
This week was different than I expected.  I am not sure what exactly I was expecting, but it had its ups and downs, like all weeks do.  I said goodbye to the Baldwins, Sister Stott and Carson.  You would think the more you say goodbye the easier it becomes, but it doesn't.  It is still hard and we all know how hard goodbyes are for me.  Heavenly Father really is there for you all of the time.

Let me tell you a little more about my area.  Fallon is like Enumclaw, it is a little hick town.  Everybody knows everybody because basically they are all related to each other.  Everybody works at a Dairy or a Goat Farm and it smells like cow poo 24/7, despite all that I like it :).  You can see the stars so bright at night, I love it.  When I left Carson it was a very long day, all we did was pack, clean and say goodbye. It was sad to say goodbye to Sister Underly, but guess what Heavenly Father really does love us because she is my STL (Sister Training Leader) so that means she will be able to do exchanges with me. We are going to be comps on the 20th! Heck yes!
from our District Meeting

Fallon is awesome, it is a quiet little town but there are a lot of people here.  The members in the ward are very nice, friendly, and willing to help us out in the Misionary work here and we can't do this without the members.  My companion is Sister Pearson (the funny thing is she was companions with Sister Underly in the MTC.)  She is super good at Spanish so I am excited to improve my language skills.  We get along pretty well, we are a lot alike, but we have a lot of differences as well. She is very bold with people and in her teaching (she is a great teacher).  She served in Carson before, so she knows the Baldwins and some of the people we use to teach in Carson. 

This week I have learned a lot of things I think Heavenly Father wanted me to learn.  Maybe He has been trying to teach them for awhile but I was not listening I guess :).  In Fallon, there has not been Sisters in this area for years. The members have been praying that there would be Sisters in this area.  For some reason there is something different about Sisters I guess.  The people have been praying and they finally recieved their answer.  They were really touched and I felt the love they had for us the second I came here to Fallon.  Almost everyone says hi to us, I feel sometimes we are like celebraties (don't worrying I am not getting a big head lol).  But it feels really nice feeling wanted and needed.  What I have learned from this is that Heavenly Father answers our prayers, not when we want the answers to come, but on His own timing, His way, because his way is better!  He blesses you through other people.  You, my family, were and are an answer to my prayers.  You rescued me when I needed it the most.  I was praying things would get better and they did.  Thank you for that.  I cannot thank you enough.  Heavenly Father is incredible, His love is everlasting and the world needs that. 

Some adventures from this week are:

  • I got to hold a two week old puppy. One of our investigators has like 10 dogs and they just had puppies. 
  • There are so many miracles here in Fallon that happen everyday. The most I think I have ever seen on my mission. 
  • It is hard living in Fallon because we live in an Apartment by ourselves and sometimes it gets lonely. I miss the Baldwins a lot.
  • Sacrament and Church were amazing yesterday.  They had some really awesome speakers and all of the classes were on point, you could feel the spirit strong! 
  • We had pizza for like a week straight! Then we went to KFC.
  • I was sick all week. Stayed inside all day on Thursday. 
But I am excited for this transfer and the adventures to come.  A little homesick because Holidays are coming, but all is well.  I love you everyday. 

All my love your missionary, Taylor

Last Week in Carson City

Taylor didn't write much other than she was being transferred out of Carson City.  A member of her ward sent these pictures to me.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Texted Picture

I didn't get an email from Taylor this week, but a member of her ward sent me this picture, so cute!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Plan of Salvation is Real

It is getting really cold down here. I have been wearing sweaters and long sleeves.  So funny story, we were with one of our recent converts having a lesson and someone (haha) farted in the middle of the lesson.  I don't have much to say this week. 

Mom I am so sorry for your loss, this is going to be terribly hard I know, but please know the Plan of Salvation is real. Wow I know that does not help at all but please know I love you so much. You will be in my prayers and Stacey's family! All my love Taylor 


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Doing Hard Things

once companions, always companions
What even happened this week? This week seemed like it went on forever! This week was really hard for the both Sister Stott and I. I feel like the only thing to do is be strong. It has been hard but I can do hard things with the support from my amazing family and Heavenly Father. 

On Monday we had a Zone Activity at the Park. We played Volleyball and ate food:) 

Tuesday we went on exchanges, I was with Sister Wilkins (Sister Underly's companion). So that means next transfer since we are all staying in the area we get to go on exchanges which is super exciting. 

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were just emotional.  I ironed someone's laundry for 5 hours (long story).  

Our investigators didn't get baptized on Saturday, but the Women's Conference was good.

I've been sick all week. And oh yes we have bed bugs, they have been biting me like non stop! But don't worry about me. I'm all good:) 

Love Tay:)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

They Are Changing My Life

our host family 
This work is so amazing. This is literally the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but it is amazing. I am not changing these peoples lives they are changing mine. To see the light of Christ ignite in people is such an unexplainable feeling. This week was really good, huge miracles happened.

Don't ask :)
We were in the park on Friday because we had an appointment, but they never showed. So we were really disappointed. As we were walking back to the car we met this guy, he is so amazing. We just started talking to him about the Gospel and he was just smiling from ear to ear. So we set up a return appointment with him and he asked us if this was just for him, we said heck no techno this is for your whole family. He said ok I am not sure about my family, I cant speak for them, but I will let you know. So we left him with a prayer and went to the car. Literally not even 15 seconds after we left he called and said my wife is here so I don't know if you want to come back and talk to her. So we flipped a U-y and went back! We Had a great lesson with them:) Then we had an appointment to see them this next Wednesday, but we got a call on Saturday and he said, "You guys brought me so much peace and you guys can come whenever like today or tomorrow works for me." We can come today! So we went and it was amazing and I just love miracles:) 
Still don't ask :)
On Saturday we spoke at a baptism of someone in a different ward, which was random that we got asked to speak out of all the missionaries but it was amazing. 

Our other investigators are hopefully getting baptized next Saturday, the 26th. Please pray for them, they are amazing.  They came to church on Sunday, we didn't think that they came because it was Stake Conference and there were a lot of people there but they came and it was awesome.
I love you so much! Siempre!

Your Missionary Taylor:)

Really don't ask :)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

New Investigators

Wait so I only have 9 months left. Where did that time go?  Muchos mirlagros are happening here!  
So the English speaking sisters met these two awesome people and they speak Spanish so they passed them off to us.  They have been to church for two weeks in a row and have a baptismal date for the 26th of September.  They are incredible!  Please keep them in your prayers.  One of them was telling us that he had this dream that he was going to meet these people from far away that had good news! Missionaries come from all over the world and what is the gospel...GOOD NEWS! Crazy right. It is so amazing how Heavenly Father prepares people left and right! 

We have another investigator that is having a problem with drinking.  We are going to teach him about the Word of Wisdom and The Addiction Recovery Program and see where that takes him. 

Well please know how much I love you all so much!  Please all be safe!  All my love 


Saturday, September 12, 2015

P-Day in Virginia City

Smiles & El Libro de Mormon are always the best!:)
I found out I am an Aunt, twice in one week!  Congrats on baby Ronin, and congrats on the new baby Taylor, Megan;)  Wow so much excitement. But I did something more exciting then having a baby...wait for it...I died my hair!:) It's an ombre now (as you can kind of tell in the picture). I was feeling a little risk tacky so I did it. I am so happy for the family back home. 9 short months and I will be able to hold both of my nephew and other niece or nephew!:) And hug everyone, which I am so excited about. 
Things have been looking up for us in Carson City Nevada. No baptisms yet, but we had three of our investigators come to church last week which is HUGE!  We saw one of our investigators on Saturday, we told him that we promised to go to Church so he had to.  To be honest I didn't think that he was even going to remember the conversation we had, but he did and he came which was a miracle.  We are supposed to see him tonight, so hopefully he will have a baptism date.  He wants to set the date of September 26, but that means he needs to come to church at least a few more times. Please keep him in your prayers, I think this change would be really good for him.

Since today was Labor Day we went to a place called Virginia City. It is this old historical town about 15 or 20 mins away from Carson. It was super awesome. A member of the ward took me, Sister Stott, Sister Underly and her companion Sister Wilkins!  -- It is good to know that we are in different times and places in our missions and lives right now. But we will always be companions and friends:)  When we went to Virginia City we got the old time photos done, but still rocking the name tags!:)

This is Sister Wilkins and both of our names are Taylor:) 
The work is good here. It is hard on the daily basis as we always have adventures, but that is missionary life.  We are trying to focus on the members in the Spanish Group still.  I had to translate yesterday in Relief Society that is always something that makes me want to run away haha:) Training is tough, because I feel like I can't screw up!  I have been finding out what things I really enjoy and who I really am.  I really LOVE volleyball, babies, spicy food, naps! Same old Taylor;) 

Well I love you:)  Your Taylor

Its like the guy off of Napoleon Dynamite :)

Yo estoy un Pato ;) I am a duck!

When our host family is gone for a whole week, it gives us plenty of time to think of ways to welcome them home in a special way ;) 

Made Tamales!

Ate Tamales!:)

Sometimes when I miss the fam, I blow up balloons and pretend you are right here with me :)

Hi Dad :)

Funny Spanish joke ombre in Spanish means Man, so when I was telling everyone I got a new ombre look they were making fun of me saying I had a new man:)  Our Ward mission leader said that first hahaha :)