Monday, November 16, 2015

Adventures in Fallon

from our District Meeting
This week was different than I expected.  I am not sure what exactly I was expecting, but it had its ups and downs, like all weeks do.  I said goodbye to the Baldwins, Sister Stott and Carson.  You would think the more you say goodbye the easier it becomes, but it doesn't.  It is still hard and we all know how hard goodbyes are for me.  Heavenly Father really is there for you all of the time.

Let me tell you a little more about my area.  Fallon is like Enumclaw, it is a little hick town.  Everybody knows everybody because basically they are all related to each other.  Everybody works at a Dairy or a Goat Farm and it smells like cow poo 24/7, despite all that I like it :).  You can see the stars so bright at night, I love it.  When I left Carson it was a very long day, all we did was pack, clean and say goodbye. It was sad to say goodbye to Sister Underly, but guess what Heavenly Father really does love us because she is my STL (Sister Training Leader) so that means she will be able to do exchanges with me. We are going to be comps on the 20th! Heck yes!
from our District Meeting

Fallon is awesome, it is a quiet little town but there are a lot of people here.  The members in the ward are very nice, friendly, and willing to help us out in the Misionary work here and we can't do this without the members.  My companion is Sister Pearson (the funny thing is she was companions with Sister Underly in the MTC.)  She is super good at Spanish so I am excited to improve my language skills.  We get along pretty well, we are a lot alike, but we have a lot of differences as well. She is very bold with people and in her teaching (she is a great teacher).  She served in Carson before, so she knows the Baldwins and some of the people we use to teach in Carson. 

This week I have learned a lot of things I think Heavenly Father wanted me to learn.  Maybe He has been trying to teach them for awhile but I was not listening I guess :).  In Fallon, there has not been Sisters in this area for years. The members have been praying that there would be Sisters in this area.  For some reason there is something different about Sisters I guess.  The people have been praying and they finally recieved their answer.  They were really touched and I felt the love they had for us the second I came here to Fallon.  Almost everyone says hi to us, I feel sometimes we are like celebraties (don't worrying I am not getting a big head lol).  But it feels really nice feeling wanted and needed.  What I have learned from this is that Heavenly Father answers our prayers, not when we want the answers to come, but on His own timing, His way, because his way is better!  He blesses you through other people.  You, my family, were and are an answer to my prayers.  You rescued me when I needed it the most.  I was praying things would get better and they did.  Thank you for that.  I cannot thank you enough.  Heavenly Father is incredible, His love is everlasting and the world needs that. 

Some adventures from this week are:

  • I got to hold a two week old puppy. One of our investigators has like 10 dogs and they just had puppies. 
  • There are so many miracles here in Fallon that happen everyday. The most I think I have ever seen on my mission. 
  • It is hard living in Fallon because we live in an Apartment by ourselves and sometimes it gets lonely. I miss the Baldwins a lot.
  • Sacrament and Church were amazing yesterday.  They had some really awesome speakers and all of the classes were on point, you could feel the spirit strong! 
  • We had pizza for like a week straight! Then we went to KFC.
  • I was sick all week. Stayed inside all day on Thursday. 
But I am excited for this transfer and the adventures to come.  A little homesick because Holidays are coming, but all is well.  I love you everyday. 

All my love your missionary, Taylor

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