Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Tree Lighting in Fallon

Sorry I didn't really write anything for the past few weeks, I had to finish my BYU-Idaho application. But it is in. I am not sure when I will hear, maybe in Feb or March.  Well what has been going on in my life?  When I first got in Fallon I saw two shooting stars. The area of Fallon is great.  One of our investigators shared a scripture out of the Book of Mormon in our class.  He isn't even baptized yet and he was sharing a scripture in class!  I was sick all week, I threw up twice in two peoples yards when we were out tracting, KFC, never again, it was bad! 

We went to the Christmas tree lighting in Fallon.  There were a lot of fireworks and snow.  We have two fake trees in our house.  I got a cool Fallon Sweatshirt from a member.  We went to a Christmas musical.  We went to the hospital for one of our ward member's baby, the power of the priesthood is real.
I can't believe I have been out a year! :)  Merry Christmas  Sister Friend :)


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