Monday, December 28, 2015

Working Through Challenges

We volunteer in a thrift store and we always
have the most random adventures 
I want to apologize for not writing as much, Fall was a tough one for sure, I didn't know what to do because I felt like I was alone.  But that is when I learned the most that I was never alone, Heavenly Father was always there and I was going through that trial for a reason.  I changed for the better in those last transfers.  Then I got to Fallon and my life changed for the better.  I believe Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for each one of us.  The way everything worked out just amazes me.  

Our zone on Christmas morning 
Anyways, with my stomach thing, I am not sure if it is an ulcer but my stomach really hurts.  It has been this way the last month.  I eat, it hurts. I don't eat, it hurts.  Lately, like the last few days it feels like it has been getting worse.  I had a blessing and it said to follow the promptings of what you feel like you should do.  But everything will be ok. 

Love Always Your Taylor


One of our ward members we got to visit in the hospital.
This random dog that always likes to tackle us as we walk up to the door so I decided to show it whose plan kind of back fired!:) 
No need to look in the rear view mirror when your future is as bright as your faith!

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