Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cold Week In Mexico

Wow this week has been them all haha, I feel like I have so much to say but never enough time to say it. 
We were so cold one morning we brought blankets to class. Who knew Mexico got cold, because I didn’t hahaha
Hermana Sanders thought it would be a good idea to get into the trash can. Haha some P-Day fun! 

I will definitly miss the CCM. The Sundays are always the best here, you can feel the spirit so strongly. I enjoy them a lot. We watched a video on Sunday called the Stone Cutter and it was about a man who worked on the Salt Lake City Temple as a stone cutter, I CANT remember his name I think it was John something but anyways the movie went into how every morning he would wake up at 2am walk almost 6 hours to arrive at the temple sight. He did that every morning for about 20 years until one day he was milking his new cow and got kicked in the leg so hard the bone was popping out, he lost his leg and made himself a peg leg...but that didn’t stop him from working on the temple. So he got up every morning and he walked miles and miles to work on the temple he sacrificed so much, it was so inspiring.
The President Carl B Pratt will be riding with us on the airplane on Tuesday.  His time is up for the Mission President so he is going back home the same time as us and he lives in Las Vegas so we may be traveling with him the whole time haha.  I leave here early early Tuesday morning.  Our flight is like at 7am, so we have to leave the CCM like at 2. Hermana Tebbs leaves early morning on Monday. So it will just be me and Hermana Sanders for a day. We fly to Arizona together. Then all the Reno people have a 5 hour layover then over to Reno.
When I get to Reno I am not sure when my P-day will be so I may not be able to email you next week, but I will as soon as I can. With all my love, Taylor 


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