Monday, January 26, 2015

My First Area

This week has been crazy busy but so much fun.  My companion is Sister Underly, who I adore, and I live with two members who are absolutely incredible and are so nice and loving.  Their house is beautiful.  Sister Underly and I live in the basement which is basically like our own apartment.  My bed is a day bed and is so comfy and it is so hard getting out of bed in the morning haha, 6:30 am comes so fast.  When we do our study we open up the blinds and it looks right over Lake Tahoe, it is a beautfuil view.  It is amazing here, I love it more and more each day.
We get to teach in Nevada and California, so we get to experience the best of both worlds.  I never want to get transferred from this area because it is absolutely amazing.  There are always new people when we go into Kings Beach which is in California.  We have 6 new investigators!  My most spiritual experience has been several different little experiences, just talking to the investigators and getting to hear their stories and sharing my testimony with them.  I feel the spirit so strongly!

We were walking on our way to our car one time and a bunch of dogs started barking and it was super dark.  We both got this weird feeling, we both looked at each other and I said, "RUN TO THE CAR!"  So we did and locked the doors, we were okay and we didn't see anything but it was still scary, haha.  The area where we serve in in California is sometimes a little sketchy and we are both super duper white so we stick out a little bit haha. But we always make sure we follow the Spirit closely and are careful.

We sometimes eat dinner with members and less actives when they sign up to feed us, and we usually have some Mexican food.  It has actually been pretty good.  One day some members made us the most delicious meal I have had in a very long time!  It was try tip, with salad, yummy wild rice, and garlic bread! It was so good. The two Elders in our same area joined us and it was a really nice time.
GUESS WHAT! I can almost roll my R's!  I am so close.  For language study I practice reading my Spanish scriptures (which Hannah and Adam gave me and I absolutely adore them), but when I practice I use a pen in my mouth and speak, it has been helping.  I will be able to roll my r's one of these days. Wow I love this keyboard. The one in Mexico has a Spanish keyboard so it was hard to type with. But anyways I am really liking it here. Some moments are hard but that is just life!

I miss you so much! Love always your Taylor

P.S. some weird thing I thought was cool haha

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