Saturday, June 6, 2015

Expanded Area

My new companion is Hermana Cordle.  To be honest I feel like I have changed so much since I have been on my mission.  I almost hit my 6 month mark and that is crazy!  We are getting "missionary babysat" for a couple of weeks in June, and a couple of weeks in August.  Don't worry you can send mail to the same address. It's just a sleepover for a few weeks type of thing because the family we usually stay with is having family over for the summer. 
Last P-day we packed, then went to a BBQ place called Moe's with a ward member.  On Tuesday we said some goodbyes and headed to Reno.  I had to say adios to Hermana Underly and then hola to Hermana Cordle.  
On Wednesday we volunteered at the Thrift Store.  Also, one of our LA finally let us pray with them.  On Thursday Hermana Cordle and I planned for 6 hours straight because he have the Elders' area now as well which is tricky because our area is now 550 MILES!  Not even kidding!  
Friday and Saturday we volunteered again at the thrift store. 
On Sunday for Sacrament meeting I translated in English for the first time.  Which was muy difcil. But I did it:) I also found out Elder L. Tom Perry died:( That was sad, I liked him a lot.  We also had dinner at a Ward member's house. 

"After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to Preach the Gospel." Joseph Smith
This work is so hard on so many different levels, but it is the most important. This church is TRUE! And at the end of the day when we are rejected so many
different times, it is still TRUE!   Well I love you and hope you are doing well :). 
Te amo.

Hermana Friend


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