Saturday, September 12, 2015

P-Day in Virginia City

Smiles & El Libro de Mormon are always the best!:)
I found out I am an Aunt, twice in one week!  Congrats on baby Ronin, and congrats on the new baby Taylor, Megan;)  Wow so much excitement. But I did something more exciting then having a baby...wait for it...I died my hair!:) It's an ombre now (as you can kind of tell in the picture). I was feeling a little risk tacky so I did it. I am so happy for the family back home. 9 short months and I will be able to hold both of my nephew and other niece or nephew!:) And hug everyone, which I am so excited about. 
Things have been looking up for us in Carson City Nevada. No baptisms yet, but we had three of our investigators come to church last week which is HUGE!  We saw one of our investigators on Saturday, we told him that we promised to go to Church so he had to.  To be honest I didn't think that he was even going to remember the conversation we had, but he did and he came which was a miracle.  We are supposed to see him tonight, so hopefully he will have a baptism date.  He wants to set the date of September 26, but that means he needs to come to church at least a few more times. Please keep him in your prayers, I think this change would be really good for him.

Since today was Labor Day we went to a place called Virginia City. It is this old historical town about 15 or 20 mins away from Carson. It was super awesome. A member of the ward took me, Sister Stott, Sister Underly and her companion Sister Wilkins!  -- It is good to know that we are in different times and places in our missions and lives right now. But we will always be companions and friends:)  When we went to Virginia City we got the old time photos done, but still rocking the name tags!:)

This is Sister Wilkins and both of our names are Taylor:) 
The work is good here. It is hard on the daily basis as we always have adventures, but that is missionary life.  We are trying to focus on the members in the Spanish Group still.  I had to translate yesterday in Relief Society that is always something that makes me want to run away haha:) Training is tough, because I feel like I can't screw up!  I have been finding out what things I really enjoy and who I really am.  I really LOVE volleyball, babies, spicy food, naps! Same old Taylor;) 

Well I love you:)  Your Taylor

Its like the guy off of Napoleon Dynamite :)

Yo estoy un Pato ;) I am a duck!

When our host family is gone for a whole week, it gives us plenty of time to think of ways to welcome them home in a special way ;) 

Made Tamales!

Ate Tamales!:)

Sometimes when I miss the fam, I blow up balloons and pretend you are right here with me :)

Hi Dad :)

Funny Spanish joke ombre in Spanish means Man, so when I was telling everyone I got a new ombre look they were making fun of me saying I had a new man:)  Our Ward mission leader said that first hahaha :)

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