Saturday, February 7, 2015

Two Weeks in Tahoe

This week was good, we went to In-N-Out Burger, you know how much I love that place!  Also, a few of us got to stay the night at the Mission President's house.  It was awesome and so much fun, we went to the temple.

I love Sister Underly already and its only been two weeks!  She has taught me simple lessons about life.  We are always busy and we have this 90 challenge in our Mission where we get points for being healthy and doing certain things.  I like to win, so I have been chugging water as part of the healthy things!  Sometimes if I forget during the day I chug some water before bed . . bad idea haha.  Also, it is  pretty cold here at night, but the stars are so bright because we pretty much live in a cabin in the woods!

This week I learned that bearing your testimony can do powerful things!   

I did have a moment at an investigators house where I didn't dare tell them that I was lactose intolerant and paid the consequences later with a really bad stomach ache.  It still hurts a little today but not as bad.  I miss and love you so much, Love Always your Taylor

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