Saturday, February 14, 2015

Busy Week in Tahoe

Ok so this week things were very crazy!  Monday was P-Day and flew by as usual.  Then on Tuesday we had this Zone Training in Reno.  We live about an hour away from Reno so roadtrips are always interesting because we all know how fast I fall asleep in the car!
Wednesday was a very busy day, we had 10 lessons, which was nuts, but so awesome.  This week we managed to get 39 lessons plus 2 active member presentation lessons.  So 41 all together, it was unbelievable!  We had a baptism planned for the 14th, but we now have to reschedule.
On Thursday we got to do a few hours of service and it was really interesting.  The family we were helping had put tape on the windows and that had me use mayonnaise to get it off, that was weird haha!  Then we had dinner at a member's house and that was very delicious!
Many miracles happened on Friday!  We were suppose to teach this lady but she never answered her door, but then as we were walking back we ran into a guy we had already met but he hadn't been interested, but this time he let us talk to him and he said he wanted to come to church.  He told us that the church would be really could for him and his family because his son is into drugs and before we left he let us pray with him!
On Saturday our first lesson we go to, a lady and her children, we are all sitting in the living room reading the book of Mormon, then in the middle of the lesson the Mom falls asleep! I know I can fall asleep anywhere and everywhere but so far not in the middle of a lesson! Haha. Then there is this other family we have been teaching where the daughter wants to be baptized.  We dropped by their house, we could see them in the house, but they wouldn't answer the door.  Then the daughter, with a very sad look on her face, opened the window a little and told us that her mom wanted us to leave. It was the saddest symbolic thing, the daughter not being able to let us in was a symbol of her mom holding her back from baptism. It broke my heart. We have a feeling the mom may be doing drugs again too which may be why she didn't want to let us in.  It reminded me of my birth mom and all I could do was just feel sad for the daughter.  I know what it feels like to be trapped and to have your own Mother withhold you from trying to do good.  It was so heartbreaking and upsetting and I wanted to just hug the daughter, but all we could do was walk away.  So Sister Underly and I just went back to the car and sat there in silence for the longest time.  So Sunday we went and talked to the bishop (side note:  he is seriously the best, he is so funny and spiritual, he is a very good Bishop!), anyway, we talked to him and he felt impressed to tell us to make a new appointment with the family and he would go with us.  Hopefully we can find out what is going on.  I care so strongly about the daughter and I want her to be baptized to receive those blessings she deserves.
Many miracles happened on Sunday!  One of our investigators came to church, he never has come to church before and his baptism even got canceled because he hadn't been to church, but this Sunday he finally came, it was a miracle.  Tears filled my eyes and Sister Underly's eyes as we saw him walk through the door!  We have a jar that we call a miracle jar.  It has been getting so full lately and that is something I treasure.

I love you so much!  Love Hermana Amiga!

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