Saturday, February 21, 2015

Presidents' Day

[Here are some arrival to the mission pictures we got from the Reno Mission Blog, click on the link to the left to see the blog.]  Presidents day threw off our p day haha. The library didn't open until noon so we had to wait to email.  Well, this week we had a emotional week. One of our investigators has a daughter that really wants to be baptized and on Tuesday we went to their house and the mom just broke down.  It was such an emotional night, we sat there with her for a couple hours.  At one point of the conversation I finally spoke up and told her how it was breaking our hearts to see her turn away from us, her kids, and Heavenly Father!  It was an emotional night for all of us. I gave the daughter one of my name tags and told her no matter whether her Mom let her get baptized or not to always keep her faith and Heavenly Father will always be there for her.  But guess what, her mom was touched by the Spirit and is allowing her to get baptized this Saturday!

[I told Taylor that a recent returned missionary from our ward spoke and he said that he doesn't like to call investigators of the church friends instead of investigators as he felt like that's really what they are.]  I like that investiagtors are our friends!  I feel like I generally have grown a love for these people, it's amazing how Heavenly Father works.
There have been a lot of fun moments here, Sister Underly and I laugh all the time which is good!  We are goofballs! 

My testimony on fasting has been strengthened a little.  Nevada has been in a drought for while so last week Bishop asked us to fast as a ward, so we did and it has been snowing and raining on and off all week, but today it is sunny!:)

My Spanish is mas o menos!  Not bad, but I am still not comfortable reading or talking in front of people haha.  For church, the first sacrament is in English then the next 3 hours are in Spanish. We go to two sacrament meetings!

Oh, ya why did my comapion random tickle me...HANNAH?!!!!  
I love and miss you so much have a great week!  Your Taylor

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