Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lake Tahoe Never Gets Old

On Monday for p-day we were at a member's house, we painted a still-live, made cookies, had black bean burgers and had to say goodbye to Elder Escobar as he got transferred.  This was the day my most spiritual experience happened.  After we left Sister Underly started crying, she has been having really bad stomach pains (she's had them for a while) and I begged and pleaded with her to get a blessing of healing but she didn't want to, I wasn't going to give up because, one, I am stubborn and, two, I felt in my heart not to give it up.  She finally got a blessing of healing and ever since the blessing her stomach has not hurt once.  She says this is the first time on her mission her stomach has felt this good.  Blessings work and the Priesthood is real.
I had a quote of the day on Tuesday which was:  "Evil is convenient."  On Wednesday I got to hold a parrot.  We also ate at Taco Bell and went to the church to have a lesson with our Ward Mission Leader and one of our investigators.

We had correlation meeting on Thursday and I ate pizza.  I love pizza...but pizza doesn't love me.  We talked with a lot of different people in Kings Beach, California.

One of investigators wanted to take a picture with us on Friday, I was almost kissed by an old guy haha!  We had a game night with a less active and her boyfriend...Hermana Amiga kicked butt!!!

In Kings Beach there was a parade called "The Snow Festival" and it reminded me a lot of Daffodil which made me miss that.  We had Taco Bell...again...since we literally have no time as missionaries we barely get to eat and when we do it's fast food.  So I'm kind of sick of Taco Bell haha...which I never thought that would happen.  I bought 4 boxes of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies #noshame.

The badge of courage/valor I put on my name tags
Random things:  I tucked my dress into my underwear...again...but this time I didn't notice for about 15 minutes after we had walked down the; I had a really bad cold all of this week and a fever yesterday; a 76 year old man asked Sister Underly and I to marry him; we got called spiritual gangsters; I sometimes lack confidence so I made a thing on the back on my name tags that say "Valor" (it means courage in Spanish, so I always have courage "in" my heart); and a quote that I like, "Hardships will never leave you, but Heavenly Father won't either." 

Some miracles that happened: we ran into some people who have been avoiding us; and one of our investigators has been asking all the right questions, has read some of the Book of Mormon and he knows he wants to get baptized, he just doesn't know when. 

 It was kind of a slow week with only 28 lessons, but I have been learning a lot about myself.  Tomorrow I hit my 3 months mark!

Hermana Friend

My planner I decorated (front)

My planner I decorated (back)

I got your package

One of the floats from the snow festival parade (I MISS DAFFODIL:)

Lake Tahoe never gets old.

"Lets pretend like we are actually paying attention while driving" ;)


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