Thursday, March 5, 2015

Missions Aren't a Boar

This week was awesome.  A lot of funny and not so funny things happened. Last p-day we went over to a members house to hang out a little bit and celebrate Elder Baker's and Elder Escobar's birthdays, it was so much fun.  The member's house is huge with a game room that has a slide, ball pit, Foosball and everything else you could ever imagine.  The dad hunts so he had a lot of stuffed animals in the house.  Awkward story that happened when I was going to the bathroom, I felt like something was staring at me and sure enough there was a boar on the wall ha ha.  We had elk for dinner!  It was actually really good and it made me want to go hunting.  Anyway, we were there until 7:30 pm, so we had stayed like all day there.
Tuesday we went to District Training in Reno and we did a church tour activity.  I learned that church tours are very important for your investigators so they feel comfortable and they can feel the Spirit before they even attend church.  We went to a Mexican restaurant called La Bamba for dinner with a ward family, it was yummy in my tummy!  They always take us to the best places to eat, they had taken us to a BBQ place called Moes, you would have loved it!  We might go snow shoeing with them as well, it snowed 12 inches here, not even kidding (I know I can be a drama queen but it really did snow a lot haha).  

Tuesday night I had to go on exchanges with the STL until Wednesday, her area is Reno South.  It was cool to experience a different area, different people and a different companion for a day/night, but I was happy to be back to be honest haha.
Wednesday after exchanges we went with our new ward mission leader to a place called Jaysons and I got ribs...I love me some BBQ!:) 
Thursday we went to this Relief Society service auction and we played with points.  I won a dinner which I cashed in last night haha, it was fun.
Friday we didn't have dinner because we just wanted to get as many lessons as we could, we only had about 28 lessons this week, a slower, week but it was very fun!
Saturday was the day my most spiritual experience for the week happened.  The little girl whose mother wouldn't let her get baptized, well she and her brother GOT BAPTIZED!!  I gained a stronger testimony of fasting this day, I desperately wanted her to be able to be baptized and she was, and not only that but her brother!:)  I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and I talked about how the Holy Ghost can be represented as a warm fuzzy blanket, its comfy and when you are scared you cover yourself with your blankie, its your protector!:)
Sunday I got really sick, on top of my newly developed cold, my stomach hurt and every time I would stand or sit up I want get dizzy and nauseous.  So we missed that first part of church, but a four hour napped helped me a lot because after that I was feeling much better.  We went to the Spanish sacrament and saw the little girl and her brother receive the special gift of the Holy Ghost.  Then she bore her testimony, she was scared to go up there and asked me if I would go up there with her.  It was the simplest most special and sweetest testimony.  She is such a sweet and special daughter of Heavenly Father.  After the baptism on Saturday we got to see their new house, and she told me she wanted to show me something and she showed me my name tag that I had given her several weeks ago and the special spot she keeps it in.  It made me feel amazing. I am so incredibly happy she was baptized and she gets to feel the special love Heavenly Father has for her!:)
On Sunday for dinner we had tri-tip, wild rice, Cesar salad, garlic bread, and blueberry cobbler (which was actually pretty good:) That's the dinner I won!:)  It was so worth it!:)
Here are some random things that happened this week:  I zipped my lip in my jacket zipper and it started bleeding a lot; there was a bug in my bag when I went to go reach for my chapstick-I freaked out; I slipped on the way walking to the car right on my el pompis (butt in Spanish haha); there is a sticker picture on our phone and as I was holding the phone I realized the sticker was gone then 10 mins later found the sticker stuck to my hair; went to an investigators house and she was hiding from us, I looked in the window and she saw me..awk but she let us in and we had a lesson with her haha.
Elder Escobar is being transferred so we are going to hang out with the Elders at a members house today.  I really miss Washington but Lake Tahoe is so beautiful!:)  Oh guess what, my Spanish is getting way way way better.  To be honest I have been surprising myself.  I am starting to really love my mission.  The getting up, exercising, and experiencing new things every single day is fun.  I feel my testimony and my relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ strengthening!:) I don't want to jinx myself but my confidence has grown as well:)
Love Always Hermana Amiga

A cute bunny named PJ... I liked him

A members turtle (tortoqa I think thats how you spell in Spanish)

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