Saturday, March 28, 2015

Prayers are Answered

This was a very spiritual and inspiring week, but also hard!  On Monday we had to cut our P-day short because we were going to go to the Temple on Wednesday, so we had to leave the house around 2ish.

On Tuesday we went to Reno for our District Meeting.  After we a girl in the ward with her mission papers.  A funny story, Sister Underly picked a flower for me she found on the road, we decided to give it to one of our investigators.  He put it on his ear then half way through the lesson we thought it was a bug and tried to get it off his ear and he fell off of his chair.  It was very funny and I was happy I wasn't the one to fall this time :).

Wednesday was TEMPLE DAY!!!!  It was amazing and I was so happy I got to go back.  Oh and we went to In-N-Out for lunch!:)

We planned for the week on Thursday. I really dislike weekly planning but it is helpful :).  We had a yummy dinner with some members!  This was St Patrick's Day so we had corned beef and was actually really good :).

Friday was a day full of miracles.  This was my most spiritual day of the week besides the Temple.  So last week I saw this lady just walking on the sidewalk.  While Sister Underly was making calls in the car I decided to go talk to her, I felt like I needed to.  The Spirit was definitely guiding me and I talked with her (in Spanish) by myself and really got to know her.  She touched my heart.  So after the Temple Trip Wednesday we had an appointment with her, but she gave me the wrong address and we couldn't find her any where.  I couldn't help but feel sad and cry because I just knew I had to find her.  I have been praying we would find her.  Later we were walking back to our car and WE SAW HER!  Heavenly Father does answer prayers and I have a strong testimony that if you follow the promptings of the Spirit miracles will HAPPEN :).  The cool thing is we weren't going to go to dinner originally at that time, but Sister Underly felt like we should go home and so we did.  If we hadn't gone back to our car at that time we would have never seen her!  Wow, miracles do really happen. Sister Underly had a few cool experiences this day as well :).

On Saturday we had this huge Ward Dinner Game night.  We helped set up and decorate.  It was so much fun.  We had pulled pork sandwiches and played Minute-to-Win-It Games afterwards :).  I had to demonstrate the cotton ball with Vaseline on your nose game! :)  You have to transfer the cotton ball without using your hands, only your nose, to the other plate :).

Sister Underly had to translate for the Spanish members during English Sacrament Meeting on Sunday.  We were supposed to have dinner at this one person's house and then we ended up getting there and she was confused so we just went somewhere else.

While I miss you so much!  With all my love your Taylor :)

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