Saturday, April 25, 2015

Heavenly Father Answers Our Prayers

My week was pretty good. Some ups and downs but every week does. On Monday last week we went on a 8 mile bike ward with the Elders and some Ward members.  We went on this trail called the Regional Legacy Trail, but before we started my bike had to give me troubles, of course.  My back tire decided to go flat.  But the Ward member got it fixed really quick. It only took him like 10 minutes, he was fast.  Then we headed on the trail and then in the first 5 minutes Elder Baker crashed, but he was ok, just a bloody arm.  The trial was amazing. The boys were up ahead and the girls were pretty far behind me in the back so I enjoyed the ride by myself for a little.  It was so nice, fresh air, beautiful view and I just talked to Heavenly Father.  It was awesome!  Then after our lovely adventure we went to this burger place called Burger Me.  I had a little burger with garlic fries, it was yummy!:)  I want to take you all here it is awesome.
In February we randomly met a guy at the grocery store.  He looked at us and said, "Should I ask the normal questions, where are you from and how long have you been out?" It turns out he was a returned missionary too.  Non one in the Ward knew of him, so we found out where he lives and went to visit him on Tuesday.  He told us all about his mission and showed us pictures.  You could just tell he had a strong testimony.  But the thing I can't figure out is why he is not active.  After we went to his house I got really sick and we ended up having to come home because I was that bad.  I slept for four hours and I had flu like symptoms, but did not throw up.  Sister Underly said I got super pale too. Then I woke up for like 20 minutes at 7 pm 'ish and then went back to sleep for the rest of the night. So I got almost over 14 hours of sleep!
On Wednesday we volunteered at a thrift store and I realized I need to work on my patience with others, because I don't have any, let's be real, haha.  Later, one of our recent converts went with us to a lesson and he bore his testimony for the first time.  Wow, it was such a pure and simple testimony!
On Thursday I got some cool Pokemon cards from a little boy we are teaching.  All of his family are members but they were less active for awhile.  After dinner we were going to have a lesson, but the topic of Tithing came up, I simply shared my testimony about Tithing and shared some experiences.  We had to weekly plan today as well, and you know how much I love that.
On Friday we went to our Ward Mission Leaders house for dinner and had S'mores.  :)
We did a 7 1/2 hours service project on Saturday.  We were beat!  We had to take a nap for a little while because we were so worn out, then we ate over at the Ward Mission Leader's house again.
Sunday was just a normal day until Elder Fletcher was translating a talk and decided he would pass out, it was so scary.  His eyes got really big and he looked like he was having a seizure.  So the Bishop made him sit down, but he seems to be ok now, I think.  There was a lady in the ward that said I have a great sense of humor which made me feel good.
Random things:
  • There is never a boring day, the funniest and weirdest things always happen.
  • I have a theory that Elsa and Anna are Mormon. Read 3 Nephi 11:29. It is talking about avoiding contention and basically letting things go. Elsa has a song that talks about nothing but Letting It Go!:) SO in other words they are LDS:) Boom!
  • Most spiritual experience this week. So I have learned being a missionary I am flat broke financially.  I have been praying that everything will work ok so I can buy some groceries, because I have nothing in my cabinet.  I know it is a silly thing to pray for but I was really worried.  So the other day I checked my MSF (missionary savings fund) and I had $47 in there. Last time I checked which was a week prior I had about $5.00 I don't know what happened. But Heavenly Father does answer prayers. I just started crying and Sister Underly thought I was crazy. But wow it, I can't even describe it!
Almost 20 days until I get to talk to you face to face (well screen to screen:)  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND MISS YOU!!!!  With all my love, Hermana Amiga:)

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