Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sunburned in Tahoe

Its Easter already? Where did the time go? But I am excited about conference! Did you watch the women's conference, it was amazing :).  This week was a week filled with lots of learning.  I learned a lot about myself and about the church.  This Church is so true it is crazy.

On Tuesday we had a District Meeting and then we went and had dinner with the Elders and a new member.  I saw a shooting star and watched the movie 17 Miracles on Wednesday. You need to watch it, it is amazing! Oh and when you get a chance go on YouTube and watch Because He Lives on

On Thursday I got very, very, very sunburned, we rode our bikes and had a crepe making contest.  I had crepes with cheese so I was not feeling good all night and Friday morning.   

On Friday we had Correlation Meeting with the Elders and our ward mission leader.  We had a good talk with the Elders.  This week I invited a whole family to pray for a missionary experience and maybe pass out a Book of Mormon.  The church without a doubt is true! :)  This week was filled with lots of hard work but fun :).  My best experience was watching 17 Miracles.  Man that strengthened my testimony!  I love you so much!  All my love :).  Hermana Amiga 

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