Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cinco de Mayo!

This week was very interesting on Lunes we went hiking with a sweet lady. She took us to the Flume Trail where Bonanza was filmed. Then we played volleyball with one of our recent converts and the Elders.  We also had a lesson with a potential investigator. 

Martes was a day filled with many miracles!  Had an amazing lesson with an investigator that has been an investigator for over a year.  He loves everything and knows it is true, but he is still afraid to get baptized, but I will be patient, because baptism is a huge life changer to make.  We saw one of less active ward members.  He  has been slowly making progress, he doesn't feel comfortable with prayer or church but enjoys reading the Book of Mormon, so baby steps is good.  He told Sister Underly and I, "There's something in your eyes, this light, that no one really has, but both of you."  So that was sweet. :)  The spirit is real and people can notice...but I wish some people noticed they can have the same thing as well.   A recent convert came with us to a lesson with one of our investigators, it was very powerful.  We met a guy who served Spanish speaking mission in Guatemala.  He recited D&C 4 to one of our investigators, it was very powerful.  Oh and he had a cinco de mayo fiesta:)

Miercloes, Jueves, y Viernes death came over us and we both had the flu. Being sick and trapped in a room for 72 hours does not do two sister missionaries any me.  On Sabado we finally left the house, enough said on that haha. :)

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