Saturday, May 23, 2015

Where Are The Keys?

I had a pretty good week.  On Monday after doing my needed chores, we went for a mini hike, took a nap (2 hours ahhhh ya:) and then had dinner with a widower in the Ward who was super nice, and the food super delicious:) Monday night we stayed the night in Reno with our STLS.

On Tuesday we drove an hour away from our area to go to Fallon for a Zone Conference (because we missed ours when we had the flu) that was fun and interesting.  In this Zone there are only 20 Elders, so we were the only sisters that they have seen in a very long ya that explains that.  We had exchanges and I was the leader of our area and I drove (which I haven't done for 6 months...haha:) I was super nervous but I think it went well.  We served at the Thrift store in Incline, met a guy that came up to us and said, "are you missionaries? Can you come visit me?"  That was a milargo (miracle:)

On Wednesday we planned, served, had a few lessons. Had dinner at a member's house, I love them they are so nice and awesome. Well I love all the people in this ward:)

On Friday we finally met a less active that we have been searching for.  We have been praying we would find her and we were talking about it that day and then we saw her!!!!!!!!!! We had an amazing church tour with one of our new investigators.  The Spirit was very strong in the church.  So here's the thing----------that very nice moment when The investigator is cold and Sister Underly gives the jacket right off her back to her.  It was such a Christ like thing to do. After that she (with Sister Underly's  jacket) left the church.  We were locking up when we were about to go outside and get in our car and Sister Underly says, "I just need to get the keys really quick!"  I asked, "where are the keys?"  She responded, "In my coat pocket!"  She realized that she gave her jacket away and... THE KEYS TO OUR CAR:) Hahahahaha it was an adventure trying to get them back:)

On Saturday we went with some members to La Bamba and had deep fried ice cream!  It was so delicious:)

Sunday was that moment when one of your recent converts passes the Sacrament and you and your companion are all excited thinking wow he is passing the Sacrament, he has the Priesthood, pretty cool.

I love you:)

Hermana Amiga:)  

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